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The advantages of our packagings

JL PARSAT specializes in wine packaging in large formats :

The bag-In-Box® or BIB, a cardboard packaging with a flexible plastic pouch inside, with a tap for a perfectly hermetic opening / closing system.

The « Pouch », a flexible, self-supporting hermetic opening / closing system.

Discover the advantages of these 2 packagings. 





Optimal preservation after opening

While the quality of the bottled wine is altered after 3 days once opened, the BIB preserves the freshness and the taste qualities of the wine until 6 weeks after opening. Thanks to the oxygen-barrier multilayer film and the service tap, the wine is kept away from oxidization. 


BIB are less expensive and less heavy than glass. Packaged in multiple formats from 2 to 10 liters, BIB production costs are reduced. Therefore, the consumer generally benefits from cheaper prices. Its preservation time allow a fractional consumption without waste.


A more compact and lighter packaging means fewer trucks needed for transport and therefore a minimized carbon footprint. The BIB is composed of 75% paper and cardboard that are 100% recyclable. Once separated from the wine skin, the cardboard can be directly placed into the recycling bin.

Convenient and user-friendly

Wine is a popular drink at convivial meals or outdoor events. Convenient to carry, pleasant to share and easy to use, the BIB is the perfect packaging for these moments of consumption. Also, there is no pressure to finish it on one occasion.

Optimal preservation after opening 

The « Pouches » are designed to prolong the freshness and taste of the wine up to 6 weeks after opening. These wineskins are made of a film designed to serve as an oxygen barrier and an aseptic tap that prevents air from entering the packaging.

Practical and easy to use

The « Pouches » are unbreakable, easy to transport and store, light and stable until the last glass. Easy to use with an ergonomic built-in tap, they are ready to use, ideal for service by the glass… and no need of corkscrew !


Compared to other packaging used for wine, the « Pouch » is the packaging that benefits of the best carbon footprint. Indeed, the « pouch » production and transport require less energy because of it is light. Its conservation qualities allow a more reasonable and wasteful consumption. 

Convivial and playful 

Its eye-catching design is elegantly invited on the table. Its small capacity, combined with wine preservation qualities, allows to vary the pleasures. In order to answer to different tastes or dishes, you can then have at home several « Pouches » of different colors or appellations.  

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